Born 1966, Bogota, Colombia
Lives and works in Los Angeles

2001 Yale University School of Art, MFA, Sculpture
1998 New World School of the Arts, Miami

Selected Solo Exhibitions
The Forest (Glass Delusion) Charest-Weinberg, Miami, FL

Dead Reckoning, Sandroni Rey (Project space), Los Angeles, CA

Odd Sympathy, Sandroni Rey, Los Angeles, CA

John Espinosa, Fredric Snitzer, Miami, FL

Standing Still While We Move Across Land, MOCA, Miami, FL

Stump Hallucination, Rare, NY

Fantastic Adventures, Fredric Snitzer, Miami, FL

Selected Group Exhibitions
Between Here and There, Miami Art Museum, Miami, FL
The Golden Ass, Annie Wharton, Los Angeles, CA

Xtra Xtra, organized by Jed Caesar, China Art Objects, LA

Human Resources, The Company, LA
Ten Year Anniversary Exhibition, Sandroni Rey, LA
Zero Zone, Curated by David Hunt, Tracy Williams Ltd., NY
Manmade, Curated by Daneva Danby, Claremont University, Claremont, CA
Pivot Points II: New Mythologies, Curated by Bonnie Clearwater, MOCA, Miami, FL
LatinoLatino, Curated by Raffaella Guidobono, Palazzo della Vicaria, Italy

Confluence: A Collaboration (with Jiae Hwang), Fredric Snitzer, Miami, FL
M*A*S*H, Curated by Omar Lopez Chahoud, The Helena, New York, NY

The Aleph, Curated by Nu Nguyen, Sandroni Rey, Los Angeles, CA

All the Pretty Corpses, Curated by Hamza Walker, Renaissance Society, Chicago, IL
Little Odysseys, Curated by Nicelle Beauchene, Marianne Boesky, New York, NY
O’ The Games We Play, Curated by Tyler Emerson, Fredric Snitzer, Miami, FL

Incantations, Curated by Nicelle Beauchene, Metro Pictures, NY
Miami Nice, Curated by George Lindemann, Emmanuel Perrotin, Paris
Anacapa: The Changing Landscape, Nathan Larramendy, Ojai
Axxxpresssunizm, Curated by John Russell, Vilma Gold, London — Alice Day, Brussels

Deserted High Desert Test Sites II, Curated by Martha Otero, Joshua Tree
Draw! Draw! Draw!, Fredric Snitzer, Miami
Florida Focus, Gulf Coast Museum of Art, Curated by Denise Gerson, Key Largo
Between Art and Life, Curated by Peter Boswell, Miami Art Museum
Paradise City, SaltWorks, Atlanta

Champion, Curated by Sheldon Lapierre, Zinc, Stockholm
Interplay, Patrick Charpanel/ Silvia Karman-Cubina, San Juan Museum of Art –The Moore Space, Miami
Out of the ground into the sky, Curated by Jeff Kopp and David Kordansky, Black Dragon Society, Los Angeles
Altoids Curiously Strong Collection, New Museum of Contemporary Art, NY

NeverNever Land, Curated by Omar Lopez-Chahoud, Florida Atlantic University — Museum of Contemporary Art, Tampa
It doesn’t matter if it’s true as long as they believe it, Curated by William Cordova, NFA Space, Chicago
Humid, Curated by Dominic Molon, The Moore Space, Miami Design District
The Miami Connection, Curated by Nate Cassie, Bluestar Artspace, San Antonio
Wattage & Friendship, Curated by David Hunt, Muller/DeChiara, Berlin

Publikulture, Curated by Ginger Gregg, Ft. Lauderdale Museum of Art
Travels in Hyperreality, Curated by Bonnie Clearwater, MOCA, Miami
Young Miami, Curated by Amy Capellazo, Wooster Projects, NY
Whipper Snapper, Kavi Gupta (Vedanta), Chicago
F/X, Audiello Fine Art, New York, NY
Departing Perspectives, Curated by Fred Snitzer, Espirito Santo Building, Miami

Selected Museums & Public Collections

New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York (Altoids Collection)
Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami
Whitney Museum of American Art, NY
Miami Art Museum, Miami